LinK12 Health Issues Summer Online (grades 9-12)

This course is the study of various topics related to the condition of a person’s physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being. The primary units of study include nutrition, mental health and stress management, family life, noninfectious disease, substance abuse, first aid and CPR. The students will demonstrate learning through completion of assignments, tests, and projects. The students will be expected to plan nutritious meals and develop a healthy weight management plan; research a noninfectious disease and develop a lesson to teach the class; examine characteristics of mental health and mental disorders; examine the effects of stress and practice coping skills; evaluate reasons to postpone sexual activity and practice refusal skills; examine the risks of commonly abused drugs; demonstrate proper CPR and AED techniques; and demonstrate first aid skills.

Please note refunds will not be issued after June 18.  If the student chooses to drop the course after June 18, an Incomplete will be received.

Class dates:  June 11 - July 20


$ 350.00
Regular Tuition